Paris Saint-Germain 2017-18 Third Football Shirt

According to the latest Soccer Clubs Ranking published by FootballDatabase, Real Madrid occupies the top spot. Barcelona is in second place, followed by Bayern Munich. Juventus is ranked fourth, and Liverpool is the fifth, which is indeed a bit surprising! The next clubs are Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Tottenham Hotspur, Atletico Madrid and Manchester United. As we can see, Paris Saint-Germain is ranked the seventh, which proves that it is an extremely successful and powerful club in the world.

Although Real Madrid did not perform well in Spanish games in the 2017-18 season, including La Liga and Copa del Rey, they tried their best in the Champions League. In the just-concluded second round of the Champions League semi-finals, Real Madrid won Bayern with a 2-2 draw at Santiago Bernabeu, which made it reach the Champions League final this season. The success of the Champions League shows that Real Madrid is the king in the world football. It is ranked the third in the La Liga Ranking, but it can become the first club in the world, beating the clubs which win the top five European leagues.

Located in Paris, France, Parc des Princes has been the home stadium of PSG since 1974 with a seating capacity of 47,929 spectators. There was a mourning ceremony at the stadium on 30 November 2015 before the game between PSG and Troyes, the first game to be held after November 2015 Paris attacks. The audience chanted the La Marseillaise, then held a moment of silence. In the center of the stadium, a 300-square-meter French flag was displayed, and 20,000 small flags were distributed to the audience on the stadium to express the firm belief that France was united.

Frank Ntilikina(born on 28 July 1998) is a French-Rwandan professional basketball player for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He visited the Parc des Princes on 29 April 2018, and posted a video on Twitter with a word “Welcome to Parc des Princes. Good game”.

PSG Third Football Shirt 2017-18 was unveiled jointly by Nike and the club. The brand new shirt features a beautiful camouflage pattern inspired by the world-famous iconic architecture of Paris. The advanced and innovative Nike AeroSwift technology used in the jersey helps athletes to eliminate interference and focus on the game. The club players will wear new jerseys to achieve their goal of dominating the European games.

The third jersey is impressive because of its color. The all-black shirt is given modern design elements, which establishes a strong image of the players. Besides, unique details also show a sense of pride of the club players. The round collar looks more stylish and camouflage patterns woven by unique craftsmanship are shown on the shirt and the shorts, which enhances comfort and breathability and keeps players cool and dry. The team badge reduces friction in the chest. Interwoven black grid patterns are put into the white stripe on shoulders and the same patterns are designed on chest, showing the symbol of Paris – the world-famous Eiffel Tower. Huge “Paris” at the back of the shirt also emphasizes the players’ sense of pride.

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